Psalm 69:32

Psalm 69:32
May 5, 2024 Pastor Bob
Psalm 69:32
Psalm 69:32

The humble will see and rejoice. You who seek God, let your hearts be revived!Psalm 69:32

After Thought

This white weasel is curious and happy to watch all that is happening around it. No one passed by that it did not come out to get a better look. If you are looking you will see. This applies to all who remain alert and are looking for what God is revealing.
~ Pastor Bob Barnett

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  1. Sharon Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    Pastor Bob, You select such beautiful pictures to accompany the esnlightending scriptures that improve our minds, hearts and souls and secure our salvation. Could you do some Scripture selections concerning what God says about maltreatment of His creatures. Animal abuse is increasing especially in horse racing and other businesses that profit from the suffering of animals. Thank you for sending, God’s Love across the internet. God bless you and all those you love as well as your internet flock.

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