Galatians 6:17

Galatians 6:17
September 18, 2013 Pastor Bob
Galatians 6:17

For I bear on my body the scars that show I belong to Jesus.Galatians 6:17

After Thought

As a puppy Oogy was used as a bait dog but survived against all odds and now lives a happy life with his forever family. Oogy was found laying in a cage, severely injured. He had no food or water. He was just laying there, dying. Oogy’s owner Larry said, “Oogy had been lying in his cage completely unattended – that is, without food, water, medicine, any care at all – for five to seven days before he was found,” Levin said in an interview with PeoplePets. “Nobody knows how he survived. It’s absolutely a miracle. I believe that on some level he wanted to survive.”

Oogy inspires all of us to be over comers.~ Pastor Bob Barnett


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