Hosea 12:6

Hosea 12:6
Therefore, return to your God, observe kindness and justice, and wait for your God continually.
Hosea 12:6

After Thought

It is difficult to wait on the Lord but hope in Him does not disappoint. There is a vital time and season for everything.
~ Pastor Bob
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Encouragement Changes Everything by John C. Maxwell

Encouragement Changes Everything
by John C. Maxwell

Lives are changed-from the simple to the dramatic-through the miracle of encouragement. Encouragement is an essential nutrient of growing a positive attitude and improving life, and providing that encouragement benefits both the giver and the receiver(s). The world’s foremost leadership expert, John Maxwell, offers practical advice on how to effectively provide the kind of encouragement that transforms individuals, families, churches, and work teams into happier, healthier, more affirming networks. Encouragement Changes Everything focuses on the importance of valuing and growing relationships. This is the perfect gift for people to share and enjoy in either personal or professional contexts.
Magnetic Poetry: Little Box Of Encouragement

Little Box Of Encouragement
by Magnetic Poetry

Sometimes the best way to share encouragement is through words written, seen and spoken. Here is a unique way to create your own message. Have fun picking out messages from this little tin box filled with magnetic words that can uplift any spirit!


Hope Rising by Kim Meeder

Hope Rising
by Kim Meeder

Right from the Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon, Kim Meeder has seen horses go where no one else can tread – stepping through the minefield of a broken child’s soul in a dance of trust that only God can understand. From a mistreated horse to an emotionally starved child and back again, a torrent of love washes away their barren places. Kim’s ranch is a place where this miracle happens over and over again. It is a place where the impossible flourishes, where dreams survive the inferno of reality – a place where hope rises.
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